Do I Really Need A Kitchen Designer?

There’s no doubt about it, kitchen and bath remodeling can be a seriously dusty, dirty and gritty endeavor. Like any journey, much hassle and lost time can be avoided by choosing the right guide to reach your destination. In the case of a kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel, proper knowledge and planning can mean a substantial reduction in overall cost. Going with experience allows for the proper space planning in the kitchen and space planning in the bathroom to create kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets that are both useful and beautiful. A professional can foresee and avoid common problems, and can also help clients to prepare a sensible kitchen budget and sensible bathroom budget.

Rachel Pasterino, lead designer at Bradco Kitchens on Venice Blvd., a company that specializes in kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles and bathroom cabinet in Los Angeles stipulates that, “The knowledge a professional contributes can make an astounding difference in kitchen design and bathroom design. I find that my clients are pleasantly surprised by the wealth of ideas a seasoned kitchen designer and bathroom designer brings to the table when planning a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel.”
Kitchen design and bathroom design require a very specific knowledge of all the components such as the plumbing fixtures, kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops and kitchen appliances. When a kitchen designer or bathroom designer is seasoned and experienced this can have a serious impact on the budget of a kitchen remodeling project or bathroom remodeling project, savings the client thousands of dollars. Your kitchen and bathroom should be designed as a unique place that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle. Going with a professional kitchen designer or bathroom designer guarantees that your Los Angeles home renovation is done properly the first time around, greatly eliminating costly changes and mistakes that can plague large home remodeling projects.magnifying-glass-clipart-transparent-background-9i4lra6ie

Free Cabinet Installation in Los Angeles

If you have been starving for a sign to help you decide whether or not to make some remodeling improvements to your kitchen, sink your teeth into this:

Bradco is announcing our new promotion beginning November 1, 2011 through November 15, 2011 of free, yes that is FREE, cabinet installation! Cabinets can be selected from five different designer lines.

Wouldn’t it be great to have new cabinets in your kitchen, especially when you are going to end up paying a fraction of the regular price?

At Bradco, we know that running deals and promotions are a great way to give you that extra nudge of incentive to go ahead with creating the kitchen of your dreams. That is why we at Bradco are more than happy to offer you this early holiday treat.

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At Bradco Kitchens and Baths there is something for everyone. Whether you have traditional or contemporary taste or are working with a small or large budget, our professional designers will tailor your kitchen to fit your style and your wallet.

Jeffery Marr

With the check for the last payment of my bathroom renovation project enclosed, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that you that working with your design and construction teams far exceeded my expectations.  Chuck, Ana, Ryan, David and Manny were a pleasure to work with on this project and they represent your firm and their professions well.

With this being my first home renovation project, I already had some reservations about it.  And, hearing the experiences of friends and colleagues with similar projects only multiplied my misgivings.  In hindsight, I can say the smartest step I made in this project was to walk into your showroom in December and start working with your team.  Each of them entered my project when I was about to start the construction phase and a number of decisions had yet to be made.  Each of them stepped in and their work maintained the continuity we were trying to recapture.  They all provided a degree of professional and polished insight, experience, expertise, and advice that was truly unexpected and gave me the reassurance I needed to move forward with my project.  I truly believe that their efforts to truly understand client’s needs beyond blueprints and schedules makes your firm standout as unique.  The results of their efforts are very impressive and I’ve received compliments for the redesign and reconstruction.  Indeed, I would recommend your team without hesitation.

I am hopeful that sometime this spring, I can start planning a kitchen renovation project with your team.  Please convey to everyone my appreciation for all of the help to me and my good wishes for a superb year ahead.

Yelp Review By John L.

Great Showroom, a nice mix of traditional and modern displays. We actually used a traditional display as our design concept. My wife loves to cook, and needed a lot of storage for her spices and cooking utensils so we decided to go with Bradco’s custom cabinetry line “Tre Bradco”. The cabinets came out perfect and my wife Diane was very pleased with the design decisions Angela (our designer at Bradco) made to increase her comfort and space in our new kitchen. As far as I know we were welcome to choose our own people to install which is always nice to know we weren’t tied down to anyone for our installation. I had a couple contractors come out to give us bids for our kitchen cabinet install/kitchen remodel, and i have to say Bradco’s sister company B&R Construction definitely won us over. They install Tre Bradco’s cabinets on a daily basis and the vibes (and prices) were stellar. The owner, Michael, was also nice enough to give us a call halfway through our project and after completion to make sure we were happy with the cabinets and the installation.

Overall Bradco did a great job from beginning to end. Of course there were occasional speed bumps and issues which arose but the way that this company fairly dealt with them was the most important to me. I will definitley be returning and I recommend anyone who is researching to find the right fit for there home remodel should give Bradco a call.

Good Luck!

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The Greenbaum Family, Brad, Debbie, Lauren and Ryan

Dear Bradco Management,

I was standing in my breathtaking gorgeous Bradco – designed kitchen the other day, and it occurred to me that I had done something terrible – I had neglected to write to you sooner and let you know how much we appreciate the man who created our dream kitchen for us.

You went so far above and beyond what we would have expected in customer service. Whether it was staying until the wee hours and planning out our entire kitchen, cabinet by cabinet, or making one of many trips out to Orange County and standing in the cement shell of the kitchen making plans by flashlight ( no joke ), or putting out mini and major “fires” as they “flared up,” Fred was always courteous and friendly.

And extremely competent, as I am sure you well know. The kitchen is so easy to use and has such a wonderful feeling and flow, on top of being absolutely beautiful. And Fred had some serious vision in order to see through what was originally there – all sorts of 1970’s appliances and rotted cabinets. The kitchen now resembles nothing of what it was before, thank goodness, thanks to your gift of seeing what can be done.

We would not hesitate to recommend Bradco to anyone and everyone we know who is planning a kitchen/bathroom project. We cannot say enough.

Thank you again for our beautiful kitchen!

Keyshawn Johnson

Dear Michael, Thank you for participating in my new series “Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design” for the A&E Network. I know the homeowner, Robyn, is happy with her kitchen and dining room makeover and my staff really enjoyed working with Ryan and everyone else on your team! I look forward to working with Bradco again in the future. Best Regards,

Keyshawn Johnson

Harvey Kaner

Hi Michael

Just wanted to send a note of appreciation to you for your part in making our home a beautiful place to live. While the job took longer than expected, it came out very nicely and we enjoy using our cabinets and drawers every day. They are beautiful to look at and work well.

And I have to reiterate what a pleasure it was to work with Manny and the other guys. They always came to the job with a positive attitude and they and you were always willing to go the extra mile to make things right.

We will eventually forget what we paid for the cabinets, the inevitable mistakes and delays. But what we will not forget was the service that we received from you and from your guys. In the end, this is what makes your company successful: satisfied customers.

So here’s to continued success. Thank you again, sincerely. Your balance will be paid in full today.


Harvey Kaner


Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

Los Angeles Kitchen Design Trend #1

Contemporary Style: Contemporary Kitchen Design in Los Angeles has moved further towards the mainstream in recent years and is no longer an edgy fringe style. Contemporary kitchen design trends generally include the combination of overt functionality, minimalistic detail and stark horizontal lines that create a fresh, distinctive look that will modernize the lifestyle of any homeowner. The term “Modern Organic” is a popular kitchen design trend in Los Angeles, combining contemporary kitchen design with earth tones and distinct textures that create a unique look that is being applied to many high profile projects here in LA. Quartz counter tops are the fastest growing choice for contemporary kitchens and it’s easy to see why. They provide a clean, elegant look with fantastic color pallet that easily compliments any modern cabinet style. No contemporary kitchen design trend would be complete without the proper appliances, stainless steel’s chic look is still king but an increasing variety of colors coming from new age appliance manufacturers allow designers to add personalized flare. Finally, mosaic tile back splashes enhance light & dark contrasts to truly layer on the esthetics achieved through a contemporary kitchen design.

Los Angeles Kitchen Design Trend #2

Going Green: Sustainability is the foremost kitchen remodeling trend of 2010 in Los Angeles. Everyone from big-budget celebrities to first-time homeowners are taking the environment into consideration during their kitchen remodeling projects. Holistic approaches to selecting your green kitchen design trends go past recycled products and extend to creating a healthy indoor living environment for you and your family. Using re-claimed wood and formaldehyde-free kitchen cabinets are some highlights of effective and healthy sustainable kitchen remodeling trends. Other notable eco-friendly kitchen design trends in Los Angles include water efficient faucets, energy-star appliances and recycled countertops.



Los Angeles Kitchen Design Trend #3

White Themed Kitchen Design: Many Los Angeles designers are recommending the chic, clean look of white kitchen cabinets and white kitchen countertops. This white & off white color theme will continue to be one of the most popular new kitchen design trends and kitchen remodeling trends for 2010. The clean and minimalist regal that comes from a white kitchen theme enhances the open space in the room and provides a substantially brightened mood. Other trending colors include earth themed pallets such as light brown, bone and beige tones.



Los Angeles Kitchen Design Trend #4

Functional Kitchen Design: The primary goal of well-designed kitchen remodeling is to get the most out of the space available; kitchen design trends in LA combine multi-functional features that make kitchens more practical and comfortable. Trending features such as flexible faucets, dishwashers-in-a-drawer and concealed appliances combine convenience with style; while the addition of high-tech appliances creates an enhanced social atmosphere to any kitchen space.  Storage has become both stylish and efficient; modern kitchen designs save you both space and frustration without sacrificing any esthetic elegance. These functional kitchen design trends utilize custom storage areas with adjustable dividers, cupboard inserts, and pull-out baskets.



Los Angeles Kitchen Design Trend #5

Traditional Kitchen Design Style: Traditional styling is continuing to be one of the most popular new kitchen design trends in Los Angeles, and it will continue to have significant presence within kitchen remodeling trends as well. When homeowners want to add resale value to their house, upgrading to a traditional style kitchen is a great way to appeal to a large market of buyers. Shaker style cabinets, inset doors and exotic natural stone counter tops will help to highlight lasting luxurious styles within the traditional kitchen design trend. A surging kitchen design trend in Los Angeles is to incorporate contemporary design elements into a traditional kitchen remodel, creating a hybrid style of design that appeals to many types of homeowners in LA.

Citysearch Review by JoHo

Green Custom Cabinetry

Our kitchen was a mess and we had a baby on the way, my wife was on my case to get us a new kitchen before the baby was born. I kept dragging my feet and did not want to spend the money. In this economy I thought there is no way I can afford that kind of remodel. We finally went to the usual suspects, Home Depot Lowes and some other cabinet stores The prices for the cabinets were within my price range but we did not feel that we were in good hands in any of these places. We felt pressured at all times and we also felt that there where still so many unknown. These guys are just not that professional. Then we found out about the possible toxins that are in new cabinetry and with the baby on the way we needed to find someone that could provide us with non toxic cabinetry. Everyone we spoke to told us that GREEN CABINETRY would certainly not be within our budget. After extensive research on the net we fell upon the Pure Bond website and they revered us to Bradco Kitchens and Bath on Pico Blvd. We made an appointment and the rest is a Love story. Ryan was our designer and together with the owner they tailored a kitchen for us that fit our needs and most importantly our budget. Just be careful because all the accessories that you think you want can get you fast above the budget. When we told Michael, the owner, that we where above what we could afford he sat down with us and Ryan and tailored us the kitchen that we could pay for. We got high end custom cabinetry with NO TOXIC materials. They even loan you a FORMALDEHYDE METER to check you cabinets. So you can be sure that what they say is true. Bradco does not install but they revered us to their in-house installer, B & R Construction. They did what they promised on budget and on time. We can highly recommend them. Thank you Mr. Michael, Ryan and Eli from B&R Construction. You were great.

Pros: Non toxic cabinetry even i could afford

Cons: Best kept secret in LA

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