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Bradco Featured on PureBond Fabricator Network

We are pleased to announce that Bradco Kitchen and Bath has been selected as the featured PureBond® Fabricator Network member of the month for June! We are proud to be one of the first stores ever to work with PureBond®, the original cost-competitive decorative hardwood plywood without the formaldehyde. PureBond® is Columbia Forest Products’ exclusive formaldehyde-free innovation for hardwood plywood manufacturing.

Replacing traditional urea formaldehyde (UF) hardwood plywood construction with non-toxic, soy-based PureBond enables Columbia to eliminate any added formaldehyde from standard veneer-core and non-UF composite hardwood plywood core panels. That’s great news for our employees, our customers and the air we all breathe.

Not only do we want to offer our customers healthy options, but leading by example is important to us as well.  That’s why we have chosen to work with PureBond® hardwood plywood and are certified by The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

We are very passionate about removing Formaldehyde from the kitchen.  As we strive to continue our environmental-friendly work by using the cleanest products possible,  PureBond®, a formaldehyde-free manufacturing system designed by Columbia Forest Products, remains at the top of our list. Thank you for helping us play our part in making the world a better place.

PureBond Facts:

  1. PureBond technology utilizes formaldehyde-free, soy-based adhesive
  2. Manufacturing with PureBond technology contributes to an air-friendly indoor environment
  3. PureBond veneer-core panels are cost-competitive with traditional panels made using UF construction
  4. Panels are made in the US and Canada
  5. PureBond panels contribute towards the LEED® IEQ Credit 4.4 for Low-Emitting Materials: Composite Wood
  6. Panels can be specified as FSC® certified upon request
  7. PureBond MDF and Particleboard hardwood plywood is available upon request
  8. PureBond is manufactured exclusively in North America by Columbia Forest Products.

Bradco’s “Slide N Hide” Countertop Featured at Dwell On Design

Bradco Kitchens and Baths is proud to present our new Slide N Hide countertop at this year’s Dwell On Design exhibition. This remote controlled, motorized sliding island countertop slides to reveal a Miele cooktop and downdraft. Once opened by the touch of a button, the Silestone White Zeus countertop extends to form a free hanging bartop perfect for dinner or drinks.  You can come see our original creation in person as we are honored to feature our work at the Dwell On Design exhibition happening at the Los Angeles Convention Center, June 22nd-24th at booth # 1034.

Stop by our showroom at 6011 Pico Blvd in Los Angeles to explore your own kitchen or bathroom customization or just give us a call.

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Kosher Kitchens in Los Angeles

In the case of many of our clients, kosher living and food preparation is the optimum lifestyle choice. We are taking this opportunity to make it known that we have designed many kosher kitchens, and we want to share our expert design knowledge with all of you to help facilitate staying kosher in your homes.

When preparing food that is kosher, cleanliness and halting cross contamination of all meat and dairy products are essential. To implement these values into kitchen design, we focus on counterspace, appliances, and storage space elements.  Implementing labels for separating stored food items such as dairy and meat are a great way to avoid confusion and help keep your kosher kitchen in tip top shape. Two sinks are recommended for a kosher kitchen however, if budget is an issue, there is also a budget friendly alternative. Double sinks are acceptable as opposed to two separate units. Stainless-steel sinks and steel or granite countertops are the recommended options for those who cannot have distinct discrete areas for meat and dairy.

Function and style do not have to suffer when you opt for stainless steel appliances for your kosher kitchen since they are ideal for cleaning up. Two of each appliance are the epitome of koshered options such as two ovens, two sinks, two dishwashers, etc. However, that is not always an option when you’re looking for a budget friendly selection. All appliances you will need for your kosher kitchen are all available from Bradco.

While there are different rabbinic opinions concerning countertop materials that have the ability to be kashered from milk to meat, vice versa or for passover, we can supply you with your desired countertop material, be it granite, composite stone, etc. Any and all countertops need to be thoroughly cleaned by boiling water in between all meat and dairy operations. No matter what your daily use is, keep in mind that cleanliness is fundamental in keeping kosher.  

Often times an extra set of dishes, utensils, cookware, and serveware are kept in a kosher kitchen. These items tend to be used often because they are utilized when meat or dairy dishes are served. The storage of these extra items is vital and naturally, extra cabinets are necessary for the storage of these items. We can help you design seamless and beautiful storage options to maximize storage. There are a variety of options such as replacing standard shelves and drawers with modular wire shelves and baskets that could be configured in a variety of ways so that the available interior cabinet space is expanded and used to it’s full potential. 

Of course, if there are any questions that arise during the design of kosher kitchens you should seek rabbinic guidance and after that feel free to contact us.

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Quick Home Improvements to Impress Those Holiday Guests

The holidays are descending on us fast and if it’s your turn to host the family gathering, you may be weary of the relatives seeing your dilapidated kitchen or bathroom areas. Oh no, is it too late to cancel?! Never fear Bradco is here to help you make a few home improvements that will make your space more welcoming. We have compiled a list to benefit your quick fix needs.

Bertazzoni Master Series Gas Burner

Kitchen appliances sparking? New stoves and ovens are easy to replace and can be switched out in as little as one weeks time, from order to installation. We recommend selecting energy efficient appliances for a budget friendly monthly bill. You can often get a special rebate from your local utility company for purchasing these products; there’s nothing better than thrilling your holiday guests with your delicious culinary creations straight from your new oven.

Fisher & Paykel Double Dishwasher

Still washing your dishes by hand? Sounds like you need a new dishwasher in your life, out with the old and in with the new. This is definitely a major tool in making life easier, especially if you are having house guests.  Save yourself from slaving over a pile of dirty dishes and Simply load and press a button to add convenience to your life. All dishwashers are guaranteed to be scald and splash free.




Caroma USA nvisi™ Series II Cube

Toilet tanking? There is almost nothing more embarrassing than explaining to visitors all the restrictions and rules to using your commode in order to avoid overflows and mishaps. You should never again have say anything like this  “Sorry, our system is a bit old so jiggle the handle then wait 30 seconds and if that doesn’t work shake the tank.” Opting to go with a low flow toilet will cut down on the water bill, as they say what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Bradco offers an assortment of styles to choose from and the installation will take no more than half a day. What an ideal way to help all of your guests get comfy on your brand new throne.


Pendant Lighting

Lights on the blink? Update your out of date track lighting by choosing a modern pendant light design or recessed lighting to open up a room with low ceilings. Replace an entire fixture or simply replace coverings and/or bulbs. LED light bulbs are a long lasting and energy efficient option, which in turn is also a money saver. Even minor adjustments to accent lights will turn out illuminating results for your home. Lighting can drastically change the feel of any room for the better. These improvements can make your home feel warmer and easier for guests to admire your entire space.

Before and after shots of cabinets refacing

Is your kitchen in need of a face lift? Cabinet refacing may be the answer to your cosmetic problems. If your kitchen is well built and functional there is really no reason to tear out existing cabinets. Refacing is less costly then remodeling an entire kitchen and is the most time saving option. Cabinet refacing is also eco friendly because there are less resources used in the process. Best of all you can select from tons of colors and styles at Bradco that complement your home’s decor and the installation will only take two to four days. Holiday guests will stare in awe at your fancy “new” cabinets.



For more ideas on quick fix improvements contact Bradco Kitchens and Baths at:

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Integrate Spanish Decor into Your Los Angeles Home with These Tips

Here’s an insider perspective you don’t want to miss from Mr. Bradco himself, Michael Kienzl. Known for being very forthcoming, here is his insight on Spanish Decor where you will get all your questions answered about this popular design and how you can integrate it into your home.

1) Why is preserving a kitchen’s overall aesthetic design better then completely remodeling a kitchen?

This rustic Spanish style kitchen features handmade tiles, Alder cabinetry, and a wrought iron door integrated with modern appliances.

“Many people want to gut their entire kitchen and start from scratch. Moving a wall and relocating fixtures and appliances are one of the more costly construction costs you can incur. Keep your ego in check and ask yourself if the money that needs to be spent could not be saved or maybe spent on other upgrades that will bring more advantages to the overall project, such as adding an island. People have certain ideas like constructing an entirely new kitchen from scratch, but we put their ideas in perspective and guide them in the right direction. Since there is no definite standard on what an average kitchen remodel can cost, we help you get what you need instead of what you impulsively want.”

2) What is the best option for a vintage Spanish style homeowner: To select reface cabinets or replace them? 

Old fashioned Spanish style cabinetry with wood pegs holding the doors together, a feature only seen in old and rustic cabinetry.

“Vintage style homeowners want to preserve the original features of their kitchen or bathroom. Often there are important components that can only be preserved by refacing the existing cabinetry such as a tile backsplash, a special countertop material, or other components unique to the style of the house. Think twice before ripping out all your cabinets, and see if it’s a structural issue. If the guts of the cabinets are falling apart, the boxes should be redone. A reface can be as elaborate as new cabinetry. Bradco can redo the drawer fronts to help sync your kitchen’s overall look while preserving the usefulness of the cabinets by installing metal glide mechanisms.”

3) What are the easiest elements to implement on a Spanish inspired kitchen?

This Spanish style kitchen features wood beams, a stunning handmade tile insert in the backsplash, an island with a wood countertop, a built-in canopy hood, and painted cabinets. Everything is new but we preserved and recreated the Old World Spanish charm of the house.

“There is not one specific element to implement on a Spanish kitchen, but more of a combined effect that constitutes this look. Cabinetry that has an arched door with rustic but still elegant hardware along with painted or dark stained wood cabinetry is one overall Spanish effect. Hardware makes a big difference on cabinetry to achieve that Spanish kitchen look. Try adding glass into some of the cabinet doors to give it more of a furniture look. You can also opt for countertops that imitate marble, waved granite, a rustic floor, or even a shaker door. A shaker door is a simple door with a square frame around it. Just take center panel out and replace it with glass, or even some decorative handwoven brass grilles.”

This tile niche adds space and character to the kitchen and gives it a rustic Spanish look.

4) Being that Spanish decor design is so popular, how can you make it look expensive yet cost effective?

“If the overall layout of the kitchen is functional, refacing can save some serious dineros. Consider leaving the backsplash and change only the countertop, change a stainless steel sink to a farm sink, or make minor modifications to cabinetry. Add an open wine rack instead of a row of cabinets you don’t need.”

5) What are the usual Spanish design decor pieces involved when remodeling a kitchen?

This hutch is distressed and has sculptured legs. The crown molding is in a natural wood stain and the cabinet is painted.

“Painted or stained cabinet doors, cool hardware, a tile backsplash, some corbels and cabinets on legs. Add some seeded glass in some of the cabinet doors, some arches, even open cupboards in the wall.”

6) What are some classic interior designs related to Spanish decor that have never gone out of style?

“Niches with wood counters and recess lights on top, decorative arches, texture on the walls. For more kitchen specific, a recess panel with an arch, painted cabinetry with glass inside, legs on the cabinets, or a tile backsplash work great. In Spanish decor cabinetry, not much oak is used. Alder, known as the “poor man’s cherry” is a hardwood that has become very popular because it stains well and is used instead of cherry wood since it’s less expensive. Alder is not a tight grain, instead it’s a big grain that has a swerve design.

Rustic hardware on a dark stained Alder cabinet door.

In regards to colors, choose strong earth tones. Spanish and Mexican influence use stencils on the walls, painted in a different color than others in the same room.”

7) Why do you think the Spanish style of decor is so popular?

This wall is decorated with handmade tiles and a variety of niches constructed in it to get a feeling of life and depth.

“California has a long history of Spanish-style real estate. Many of the structures here are influenced by Spanish designs. After all, the Spaniards had a big influence in the development of this area. Missions were the first pillars of society after the Spaniards discovered this area. It is a warm and friendly style that fits well to our history, weather, and geography.”

Whether it be a small change or a complete remodel, there are numerous ways to integrate Spanish style into your home that can be efficient and more importantly cost effective. Here at Bradco, we pride ourselves in our quality of work to transform your beloved home into the look you’ve always dreamed of. Our great selection of Spanish Decor will leave you with endless style possibilities and the expert advice from our interior designers can help you in this exciting process.

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Free Cabinet Installation in Los Angeles

If you have been starving for a sign to help you decide whether or not to make some remodeling improvements to your kitchen, sink your teeth into this:

Bradco is announcing our new promotion beginning November 1, 2011 through November 15, 2011 of free, yes that is FREE, cabinet installation! Cabinets can be selected from five different designer lines.

Wouldn’t it be great to have new cabinets in your kitchen, especially when you are going to end up paying a fraction of the regular price?

At Bradco, we know that running deals and promotions are a great way to give you that extra nudge of incentive to go ahead with creating the kitchen of your dreams. That is why we at Bradco are more than happy to offer you this early holiday treat.

For the fine print and details click here.

At Bradco Kitchens and Baths there is something for everyone. Whether you have traditional or contemporary taste or are working with a small or large budget, our professional designers will tailor your kitchen to fit your style and your wallet.

Fall Trends for Sustainable Living in Los Angeles

Although L.A. is no doubt a highly urbanized city, living here definitely has its benefits. Besides the beautiful weather and never ending food truck festivals, this fair city is a strong advocate of sustainable living. Many Angelinos would leap at a chance to improve their carbon footprints especially when it comes to their homes. For several years, we at Bradco have been champions of sustainable products and eco-designs, offering a multitude of choices when it comes to remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. There are a variety of options any home owner can make to adjust to an eco-friendly home. We found some fall trends that we would like you to take into consideration to add that sustainable flair to your home.

Green and Stylish

According to HGTV online, the new fall color to design around is indigo where you can currently find tons of products available to help fuse this rich color into your home. Tiles are a wonderfully diverse design element and come in a wide variety of colors. They can be added as a back splash in a kitchen or virtually anywhere in the bathroom scheme from floor to sink. To view some Bradco photos of tile incorporation in bathrooms click here. Countertops made from recycled glass, porcelain, and mirror materials are also widely offered throughout our showroom. Water and energy conservation are also top trending focuses in home design for the fall season. Now that summer is gone and the temperatures are starting to cool down, you can lay off the air conditioning and zero in on some sustainable design functions. Installing a premium water filtration system will allow your tap water to become a premium drinking source which will allow you to eliminate your bottled water consumption. Bradco’s water filtration product partners also follow a high model standard of sustainable practices. Low-flow toilets, sinks, and showers are an excellent way to save water and their design appeal is endless. To save energy, install energy star appliances. Also, be informed when it comes to tax incentives attached to the purchase of these goods.  Not only is paying attention to these aspects beneficial to you in terms of sustainability, but they are also wallet friendly.

Partnering For Success

At Bradco, we partner with businesses that hold themselves to higher sustainable standards. We also select our offered product lines based on sustainable options and their dedication to in-store sustainable practices. It is important to us that our consumers are made aware of all our sustainable practices and that they know we go about our practice in a very transparent way. We are certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and the Forest Stewardship Council. Additionally, we have our own cabinetry factory in Mexico to ensure that the integrity of our materials is not compromised.

Bradco uses green building materials from sustainably certified forests in Costa Rica.

Our custom cabinets are made from non-toxic formaldehyde free wood that come from sustainably certified forests in Costa Rica. Bradco recommends that low or no VOC finishes and formaldehyde-free adhesives are used. Since we own our own cabinetry factory in Mexico, we have direct control over the quality of goods produced there as well as the green business practices used. In order to reduce our environmental impact, Bradco implements a reduction in the amount of waste created at our manufacturing plant. Because the manufacturing of cabinets create an excess of sawdust, we re-use all our sawdust by collecting and donating it to a nursery where it is mixed into their compost and used to plant new vegetative growth for Morelos Park – considered the largest ecological reserve in Tijuana.

At Bradco, you will find our showrooms filled with sustainable products to provide you with the widest variety of green choices because we know how much you love your home as much as your planet.

A Chat With an Interior Designer

Here is your opportunity to get some insider perspective straight from Bradco Designer, Joanne, who took the time to answer a few specific questions:

1. Let’s say I’m a new home owner starting to work on my cabinets. How do you choose the right style and color to accommodate a kitchen?

“First and foremost, know the style of your house. The style of the kitchen should be based on the style of the house. The two themes should go hand in hand so that the designs flow together. This tip is not only an important cosmetic feature but also a money saver. Consider this: It’s more economical to work with a pre-existing kitchen base and make specific stylized adjustments than it would be to start from scratch. Work with what you have and make the improvements from there; a few key changes can make a huge difference in the finished product.”

2. How would you select colors that best suit my space?

Choose kitchen colors based on your floor.

“Kitchen colors should be chosen based on the floors. Generally we suggest complementing color schemes. For instance, dark wood floors go well with light furnishing choices and light-colored tile floors go well with dark-colored furnishings. These scheme tips help to make unique shades more prominent. As always these suggestions are dependent upon personal preference and/or budget. To echo the previous answer of working with your home’s existing style, you could always pick a specific architectural feature that you want to highlight and make that element more prominent in the kitchen. For example, if your home has many beams or unique crown moldings replicate those aspects in handle choices or decorative elements. Keep in mind that if there is already a large amount of wood in your home and your goal is to tone down that element; a simple solution is to paint the cabinets. Earth tones are usually a good stand-by choice for any home.”

3. How do you establish a budget and how would you accommodate someone on a low budget?

Modern kitchen with alternating colors and tile back splash.

“What is your home worth? Budgets are derived from the value of the home and your cash flow. If money is tight, make a list and put major priorities on top to make sure those items are taken care of before anything else. It is advisable to set aside twenty percent of your budget to handle the unexpected to be more safe than sorry. There are always budget saving options available such as: using maple butter blocks, countertops made from recycled material, or utilizing tile for a back splash in place of the more expensive marble options.”

4. How long does the kitchen remodeling process usually take?

If you want custom cabinets they should be ordered first since they take the longest to make.

“Generally the time can fluctuate depending on how much work needs to be done on a particular kitchen. Keep in mind that if you decide to choose custom cabinets, they should be the first item ordered since they take the longest to make. An average job can take two months so prepare your meal options accordingly.”

5. Do you incorporate eco-friendly aspects in your design and what are you favorite products? Are you an advocate of eco-friendly solutions?

Countertop made from recycled material, by Vetrazzo.

“Double yes. I can truly get behind the eco-friendly products and often suggest this option to clients. There have been many advancements in price alternatives these past years making eco-friendly a more viable option for everyone. My most recommended options are countertops made from recycled materials and formaldehyde-free plywood for cabinets. Plywood is my choice because it’s easy to work with and good for people who have allergies.”

6. What are some new trends that have been popular in 2011?

“Definitely functionality over design is a major trend that has played into this year. More clients are not over-designing and less over-stylized concepts are currently being applied to kitchens. Less bells and whistles sort of speak.”

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What Won’t Your Interior Designer Tell You? 10 Thoughts to Ponder

Smart Money Magazine recently published an article entitled “10 Things Interior Designers Won’t Say.” Numbered lists are popular formats, whether they’re giving positive tips or helping you avoid dire consequences.
The Smart Money article falls into the dire consequences category. Since we deal with many interior designers here, we took a good look at the list. Here’s what we think, in response to the 10 things designers apparently won’t tell you:

My Qualifications? My good taste, naturally.

1. On a question of qualifications, especially in a big-ticket and long-lasting transformation like a kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovation, it’s probably a safe bet to go with a professional interior designer, or one who works regularly with the cabinet maker, craftsperson or architect you’re using. Areas that involve water and electricity must adhere to codes, and it’s more than just what looks good. The interior design has to hold together in a functional and safe way as well. We agree with the Smart Money article that you should do your homework about your designer selection. The California Council for Interior Design Certification administers the Certified Interior Designers Law, and you have to pass requirements before you can call yourself a Certified Interior Designer. Certification by CCIDC is the highest standard of professionalism for interior designers in the State.
“I’ll decorate in my style, not yours.”

2. Do you even have a style? To be honest, many people like lots of different styles. The Smart Money article advocates careful examination of the designer’s portfolio, and matching their style to yours. If you’re not sure you have a style, start gathering images that really appeal to you, and your style will emerge. Good interior designers work to bring out your style, and make it better. We agree that you’ll enjoy working with an interior designer with whom you have good report. We don’t necessarily agree that specialists can’t work effectively outside their specialty. As in every relationship, good honest communication is the key!
While we’re at it, here’s another thought: if you’re writing the check, you’re the boss. But if you’ve hired someone to bring your ideas to fruition, hear them out.
“I’ll redesign your budget along with your rooms” and “My hourly rate will make you see red.”

3. & 5. Again, communication is the key. Ask your interior designer every money question you can think of. Do they charge by the hour or project? Will they give you a breakdown of design, construction and finishing costs? What is included in their fee, and where does the fee fall in the cost of the project? Are they bonded or insured? Clarify your objectives for the room, then start with what you can afford and are willing to spend as the total cost, including their fees. Use your interior designer’s expertise and experience, ask for alternatives, and see what can be done within your spending range (your budget.)
The Smart Money article says, “Have the interior designer give you a proposal with everything itemized before anything is started.” We agree. They also suggest that a simple room typically takes about 20 hours of designer work, and that clients should set a maximum if they’re working with a designer on an hourly rate.
“You have no idea how much that sofa really costs.”

4. This is in reference to the discounts designers will get from trade showrooms. Will they pass the discount along to you? Go ahead and ask. You should be well-versed in what styles and fabrics will work in your home before you buy anything. It’s easy enough to take shots of what you like to show your designer, or to look at furniture your designer recommends. But sit on it/lay down on it/pretend you’re eating at it first. Make sure your furniture choice is functional and comfortable before you consider investing. Along the way, you’ll also be getting a good idea of the retail cost of various levels of quality construction.
At the very least, you shouldn’t pay more than retail. The interior designer interviewed for the Smart Money article passes along savings 20-30% below retail, even with her markup.
“Shop at the right stores and you’ll pay less for interior designers.”

6. The Smart Money articles notes that national chains, like Bloomindales and Ethan Allen, offer design services at an excellent rate (and sometimes free.) We’ll leave the living room up to them, but Bradco Kitchens and Bath offers complete kitchen and bathroom design services, as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling. And we specialize in green kitchen/bath design! Bradco’s kitchen designers are trained experts with many years of experience, who utilize the latest design software so you can view your new room in 3D! (If you are interested in talking to one of our designers, call our office for an appointment: (323) 936-3457)
It’s a good idea to ask your designer for referrals, too. With a store-based designer, make sure you understand any fee or purchase requirements, and that you get them in writing.
“Using my contractors will cost you.”

7. The Money Market article notes that many interior designers work with preferred contractors, often because it saves time and increases reliability. (At Bradco, we use B & R Construction, an on-site construction company that has an exclusive agreement to prioritize Bradco customers.) That said, you may have construction contacts who might be well-known to you, or less expensive. Don’t be afraid to ask for bids on your job.
“Don’t rush me — or I’ll have to charge you.”

8. This one is just common sense: design and renovation/construction take time. While it’s important to have a schedule, it’s also important to have reasonable expectations based on a good communication with your designer/architect/builder. The Smart Money article notes that getting work done for the holidays means starting the job in the summer. Ditto getting ready for summer visitors: you’ll need to start the process months ahead of time.
If you’re renovating a kitchen or bath for a big event, like a wedding or graduation celebration, make sure the designer knows the date you’re aiming at, develop a calendar, and start well ahead of time to avoid rush costs.
“Custom orders mean you’re courting disaster.”

9. According to Smart Money, there’s more “custom” furniture (which includes anything different than the showroom model, including upholstery) being ordered today, because there’s less standard stock on the floor. Make sure you understand and OK every part of the order, and that means….you bought it. Get samples of upholstery or fabric, get a good look at the stain color on the wood, and be sure of your dimensions. When you’re working with a kitchen/bath designer, it’s easier if you can actually see and touch cabinet samples and look through the showroom for countertops and fixtures.
“If I botch your project, good luck getting reparations.”

10. Three words: have a contract. (Or a letter of agreement). Make sure you’ve got a method for handling disputes. Even if you have it all in writing, there are still opportunities for error, disagreement or opinion. And work with a designer who carries liability insurance.

The Smart Money article was updated and adapted from the book “1,001 Things They Won’t Tell You: An Insider’s Guide to Spending, Saving, and Living Wisely,” by Jonathan Dahl and the editors of SmartMoney.

Bradco Kitchens and Baths takes pride in having industry leading design professionals that take our customers through every step of the design and construction process. Bradco also has a special running for the month of April, NO TAX! That’s right, no tax when you purchase a complete kitchen from Bradco Kitchens and Baths, Los Angeles’s first place to get quality kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Click here to access the special.

Kosher Kitchens in Los Angeles

In the case of many of our Bradco clients, kosher living and food preparation is the optimum lifestyle choice. Bradco has taken this opportunity to make it known that we have designed many kosher kitchens and we want to share our expert design knowledge with all of you to help facilitate staying kosher in your homes.

When preparing food that is kosher, cleanliness and halting cross contamination of meat and dairy fare key. To implement these values into kitchen design, we focus on counter space, appliances, and storage space elements.  Implementing labels for separating stored food items such as dairy and meat are a great way to avoid confusion and help keep your kosher kitchen in tip top shape. Two sinks are recommended for a kosher kitchen however, if budget is an issue there is also a budget friendly alternative.


Double sinks are acceptable as opposed to two separate units but obviously not ideal. Stainless-steel sinks and steel or granite countertops are the recommended options for those who cannot have distinct discrete areas for meat and dairy.


Function and style do not have to suffer when you opt for stainless steel appliances for your kosher kitchen and they are ideal due to the ease of clean up. Two of each appliance such as ovens, sinks, or dishwashers are the epitome of kashered options. Although that is not always an option when you’re looking for a budget friendly selection. All of these alliances and more are available for sale at Bradco.

In regards to countertops, be sure that the material you have is pure granite or stone. If it isn’t, you may need to replace your existing material. While there are different rabbinic options concerning countertop materials that have the ability to be kashered from milk to meat, vice versa, or for passover, Bradco can supply you with your desired countertop material whether it be granite, composite stone, etc. It is evident that form and function need to also be factored into kosher kitchen remodeling.

A truly kosher kitchen will have two separate sets of cutlery, cookware, serve ware an extra set of dishes. The meat and dairy need to be kept separate through food preparation all the way to serving because these dishes and serve ware will be used on a daily basis for all meat and dairy containing meals. Naturally, extra cabinets and organizational storage spaces are necessary for these items. Bradco can help to maximize storage space by replacing standard shelves and drawers with modular wire shelves and baskets. These shelves and baskets can be configured in a variety of ways so that the existing interior cabinet space is used to it’s full potential.



Of course, if there are any questions that arise during the design of kosher kitchens you should seek rabbinic guidance and after that feel free to contact us.

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