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We hired Bradco Kitchens and Baths to design and produce all of our custom cabinetry for the major remodel we undertook. Initially we dealt directly with the owner but he then pulled in one of his designers to coordinate all the design aspects. We came to Bradco because they are known for their Non Toxic and green cabinetry. We also used their in house construction team B & R Construction to perform all the contracting work. We are very pleased with the product they delivered, with the attention to detail and the fair pricing we have been given. We can highly recommend these companies.

Maricar K

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Had my kitchen designed by Rachel to make it more functional, modern and stylish.  We were very happy with the results.  We have more counter space now and the glass tiles backsplash were just gorgeous.  The process was fairly easy.  For the initial meeting, I brought pictures of the my old kitchen and pictures of the kind of kitchen I was looking for.  Rachel then came to the house to measure.  Few meetings after that were to go over the design, budget and materials.  She was very knowledgeable with the products and helped keep my budget.  Thank you so much for making this remodel painless.  Everytime we have guests over, our kitchen gets a lot of attention.

Christy B

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Hi! GREAT STORE, GREAT service!  It was closed when we got there and my friend REALLY needed some info on some specific cabinets and such, so the owner was nice enough to open the store for us, it had just closed SO they didn’t have to let us in, but they did. Michael who runs the place is nice and very informative! I recommend this place for all your custom kitchen and bathroom needs!!

Susan Skolnick

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We used Bradco Kitchens + Baths to do a remodel of a kitchen with appliances.

The same owner is there but there are some different people there. They did a wonderful job. The work was fine and they worked within my budget which was really nice. Instead of replacing cabinets they did a reface and they did a very fine job. It is top notch. Their pricing and quality were very good. The fellow we worked with was extremely helpful. We wanted to use them again for a different remodel of the house but they would not come out unless they charged us money upfront. It was $2,000. We did it with the kitchen and didn’t have a problem with that but my husband wasn’t sure who he wanted to work with this time so that held us off.

Camille Mendez

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I wanted to replace my current countertops with new silestone countertops.

Though I love my kitchen, I still wasn’t pleased with how my kitchen countertops were looking. Since I’m in the kitchen often, it definitely looked like my countertops have been used too many times. Hearing about Bradco’s April special promotion for no sales tax, I quickly jumped on a call to take about the project I had in mind for new countertops. Immediately, we scheduled someone to come by my house to check out the space and got a date locked in for the books to complete this project. After talking to an experienced designer who was very helpful, we decided to go with a dark gray silestone countertop that matched the modern look of my kitchen. The construction took a solid 5 days to get completed, and I couldn’t be happier. The crew was amazing and very punctual, and most importantly, my new silestone countertops look amazing. I couldn’t ask for more with such a beautiful job well done and a great price to go along with it. Hurry up and take advantage of this special!

George Gayl

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Beautiful custom cabinets in their showroom – and very welcoming and knowledgeable staff. So helpful in our kitchen remodeling project, we came back here for our bathroom remodeling work too. Very happy with both the kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets we now have in our upgraded home.

Leila S

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Bradco gave us a nicer kitchen than we thought we could afford ($15k). We have beautiful glass-front cabinets that go up to the ceiling with gorgeous moulding, Silestone countertops and table. Our cabinets and drawers do that auto-close thing, although I thought there was no way we could afford that, lo and behold when the cabinets were installed my husband noticed that we had it!
Michael, the owner, is fantastic. He answered the phone the very first time we called (with my husband in the background protesting “We can’t afford them!-He was wrong) and after the job was done when I mentioned that we had a bit of toe-kick that slipped out of place Michael e-mailed me personally to ask when they could come by to fix it (I still haven’t done that, it’s in a corner and just doesn’t bother me).
B&R did our installation, and Manny and his crew were fantastic. Every subcontractor they used was respectful, punctual, meticulous. Their plumber came late on a Friday night and stayed until the job was done so we could stay on schedule.
They interfaced with me beautifully on some wrought-iron pieces I had bought that had to be incorporated with the shelves and table.
Our kitchen job came in on time, on schedule, and exceeded our expectations. I read the critical reviews and frankly, the gentleman who stopped the installation was out of line, and I know this because I worked in construction management (on the Walt Disney Concert Hall, no less) where I handled construction contracts.
And as far as changes and adds go, yes, sometimes they are expensive, and sometimes not. Example: Manny suggested adding some downlights over our counter, which were very reasonable even with the added electrical and we love them, but the trim to hide them behind would have been another add, and it was super crazy expensive. Why? Because the finish had to match the cabinets exactly, and the cabinets were already done. So we just decided to do without the trim, and we don’t even notice it. And we still love our “Manny lights.”

Bradco and B&R are as world-class as the firms we had on site at the Concert Hall, and I have a beautiful kitchen to prove it.

Giselle G

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Being an advocate for anything and everything eco-friendly, I wanted to turn my home green so I started with my kitchen, the place where I spend most of my time conjuring up organic meals for the family. Doing a bit of research, I took an interest in Bradco for being the leading eco-friendly designer in the Los Angeles area. Talking to a few interior designers, we all agreed upon using re-claimed and formaldehyde-free wood for our kitchen cabinets in a beautiful dark cherry brown color,  a water efficient kitchen faucet in a rusted gold color, and even recycled marble countertops in a dark burgundy color. Not only does my kitchen look like it belongs in Home & Design Magazine, but what’s best is that everything is green just like I wanted. The service was great and very timely according to what was agreed upon. I definitely recommend Bradco to everyone who compliments my new kitchen, and for those looking for a reliable company who specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling. Go Green!

Jeffery Marr

With the check for the last payment of my bathroom renovation project enclosed, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that you that working with your design and construction teams far exceeded my expectations.  Chuck, Ana, Ryan, David and Manny were a pleasure to work with on this project and they represent your firm and their professions well.

With this being my first home renovation project, I already had some reservations about it.  And, hearing the experiences of friends and colleagues with similar projects only multiplied my misgivings.  In hindsight, I can say the smartest step I made in this project was to walk into your showroom in December and start working with your team.  Each of them entered my project when I was about to start the construction phase and a number of decisions had yet to be made.  Each of them stepped in and their work maintained the continuity we were trying to recapture.  They all provided a degree of professional and polished insight, experience, expertise, and advice that was truly unexpected and gave me the reassurance I needed to move forward with my project.  I truly believe that their efforts to truly understand client’s needs beyond blueprints and schedules makes your firm standout as unique.  The results of their efforts are very impressive and I’ve received compliments for the redesign and reconstruction.  Indeed, I would recommend your team without hesitation.

I am hopeful that sometime this spring, I can start planning a kitchen renovation project with your team.  Please convey to everyone my appreciation for all of the help to me and my good wishes for a superb year ahead.