Arman B

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A client of mine in the bay area worked with them and I was very impressed by the workmanship and the cabinet  installation.  Very easy to work with. Would recommend and would work with them again if the opportunity arose.


Chyniere Obasi

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They did a commercial project for me for a hospital. They did a design, layout, and painting of the walls and floors. They painted designs and walls to brighten the spaces.

They did a great job. It was great working with them.

Liese Gardner

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They did custom tile work.

The service was fabulous. Everything was great. I was very happy with service and I would refer them to anyone.

Ann Bradish

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They remodeled a bathroom.

The service was very good. They were very professional. I have had other work done in my condo. I then realized that their prices were a little higher but it turned out beautifully.

Pamela Leone

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Over the course of the last dozen years I’ve visited and purchased from most of the kitchen and bath showrooms in the Los Angeles area in search of products for my interior design business.

Bradco, hands down, has the best cabinet options in town for residential or small business remodels. With several top manufactured brands and their own factory, they can make any casework I design. It’s the perfect blend of local cabinet maker custom flexibility and big factory quality and finishes.

Their philosophy is really open to being innovative and I love that they’re really excited about good design!

Michael S

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I worked with Bradco to design and install a custom modern kitchen in my home, and the results were stunning.

I originally wanted to go with a high-end European manufacture from Italy or Germany, but I didn’t want to wait for the kitchen to be sent to the United States (usually takes at least 3 months after they manufacture the kitchen) and there were restrictions on the customization of the kitchen.

But since Bradco has expertise in the design, manufacture, and installation, they were able to complete the job seamlessly and relatively quickly for what I was asking for.

I worked directly with Angela to design the kitchen, and at times involved Michael (the owner) for some of my more unusual requests, who appeared genuinely interested in helping me achieve what I wanted.  My island countertop is actually on rollers and moves to create a table, which took a great deal of research and engineering to get it right, so I appreciate the extra effort it took for them to get the job done.

Beyond being great people, they do quality work and they were straightforward and honest, so I couldn’t ask for more from a company.   I do not hesitate to recommend them for your kitchen or bath project.


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Love Bradco Kitchens and love my new kitchen. At first I had no idea where to start with my new kitichen so I went to all the big box stores first and while the customer service there is okay, the designs they gave me were so cookie cutter, there was no customization and the salesperson was unwilling to think outside the (big) box. Finally my search led me to Bradco. After having been to so many other places I was overwhelmed and confused by all the options and choices out there. Our designer Angela took us by the hand from the first minute and guided us along every step of the way. We had a set budget and she was great at recommending the things that we could afford to take out and never miss and also recommended things that I now cannot live without. Hello, pull out pantry, waste basket recycling center, and a seperate pull out for dog food. Now my biggest problem is that I just can’t stop entertaining, so much fun with my new kitchen and love all the ooohs and aaaahs I get from guest. Thanks Bradco!




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We had some work done by Bradco this past year. You hear terrible stories about having “work” done and the time, money and drama that goes along with it. I am quite pleased to say that none of that happened here. Our designer was wonderful and helped up with ideas we hadn’t thought of and once our little project got on way the construction staff were terrific. Polite and FINISHED on time! Our kitchen looks amazing. My daughter is happy to tell her friends our cabinets are “green” and my husband is happy that it didn’t break the bank. Everyone was a winner on this project. I am pleased to let everyone who comes over who did our kitchen and highly recommend Bradco to anyone looking to have their kitchen redone.

Craig Killam

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They custom built the entire kitchen.

The service turned out very well. We designed the cabinets and they built them custom. They are very high quality cabinets. They are four years old. They look good and work good.

John Bibi

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Bradco did our kitchen and two bathrooms. They charged us a $3000.- “Design Retainer” which they fully reimbursed towards the purchase of the materials we bought from them. We opted for their custom cabinet line as we felt that this would give us the optimum use of our space. Throughout the project we have been dealing with our designated designer Pamela. She is a professional and a pleasure to work with. She kept involved and visited the job site numerous times until the project was completed. The owner of Bradco was also involved in some of the decision making, they are pleasant people who give you an honest opinion. The design was very professional and they took our ideas and lifestyle in consideration. Bradco does not do the actual contracting work but they have a professional in house construction firm (B&R Construction Inc.) that does all the construction work. As our scope of work entailed the moving of walls and some other major construction tasks, we felt that it would be best to use Bradco and B&R Construction. We opted to do the full package with Bradco including the appliances and we also used some of their handmade tiles and bought all the fixtures from them . Of course we checked prices and we did have find some of the faucets and sinks at a better price on the internet. We felt that the convenience of having it all come from one place was worth the minor epicarps. Once we looked at the whole package we got a fair price. The construction team of B&R Construction was very professional and the foreman actually a lady by the name of Jaime had an eye for detail and quality in workmanship. There were some scheduling issues with the counter top installation which we also purchased from Bradco but all in all they performed as promised. We did have some lower bids from other contractors but once we had a meeting with the B&R estimator Charlie we understood why the B&R bid was a little higher. Their estimated are very detailed and they write down everything in detail which the other contractors neglected to do. All in all it was a pleasant experience and we would not hesitate to recommend both companies and use them again.