Tips For Finding Reputable Design/Build Contractors

The tricks that unscrupulous contractors use are well-known within the remodeling industry, but not so well-known among consumers. The average homeowner undertakes a kitchen, bathroom, or other remodeling project only once in a great while. The natural inexperience in dealing with contractors can leave one vulnerable to unethical practices.

Tips On Identifying Legitimate Contractors:

Track Record
Established, reputable contractors that have served the local area for many years, and can prove it, offer peace of mind. By contrast, unscrupulous remodelers quickly come and go.

A reputable contractor will also be able to show a prospective client verifiable testimonials from satisfied homeowners. An inability to produce legitimate testimonials from past customers is a red flag.

Avoiding Upcharges
Many an illegitimate contractor will under-bid to get the job. However, they don’t plan to take a loss. Anything but. Their plan is often to make excuses for a bevy of upcharges once work is underway. Since deposits already paid are typically more than work already performed, a homeowner can quickly feel trapped by ensuing upcharges.

The bottom line — if a bid appears too good to be true, it typically is.

Contractors License
A simple request to see a contractor’s license, or to investigate its existence with the state, can quickly separate the legitimate from the fly-by-night.

Workmen’s Comp Policies
A legitimate contractor will be able to demonstrate that they are carrying the workers compensation insurance required by law. Workers Comp pays workers injured on the job while they recover. A contractor without the required Workmen’s comp insurance is not only operat ing illegally, they are more unstable because they are often one serious injury away from being forced out of business.

Liability Insurance
As a responsible property owner, you understand how vital liability insurance is. Without it, an accident on your premises can wipe out some or all of your assets. The same principle applies to contractors. It is imperative that they have adequate liability insurance to cover accidents, or even misdeeds, by their workers and sub-contractors. Uncovered, a contracting business is just one accident away from being wiped out. Should that happen in the middle of your remodeling project, you could be left, unfortunately, with deposits lost and work sitting unfinished.

Bradco Kitchens is a design/build firm that has been serving the local area for over 20 years. We pride ourselves in designing creative projects and then completing them on-time and on-budget. For a professional, competent approach to your remodeling needs, please contact us today!

Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Why Not Go with Farmland Fabulous?

Do you long for the days when farmhouses were more prevalent that prefab homes and condos? If so, why not work on creating your own version of farmland fabulous? Not only is it romantic and functional, it also happens to be one of the hottest kitchen remodel ideas of 2014.

If you do decide to go with the trend, a Moda farmhouse sink is one item worth investing in. They are made with stylish materials like cement and fireclay. You can also find them in various sizes, finishes and styles. One example is the Moda Farmhouse 730. It comes in a white finish and features a combination of fluted and smooth sides.

Any one of the Moda farmhouse sinks could easily be paired with a multitude of country chic items, including EuroStone’s wood butcher block counters. Made from luxurious hardwoods, they come in a variety of beautiful finishes. In addition, they tend to develop great character over time.

Other countertop materials that would work well in a farmhouse kitchen are close to maintenance-free Caesarstone quartz, Corian® and Eco. The Eco countertops are exceptionally popular with environmentally conscience consumers. That’s because the kitchen counters are created with recyclable, sustainable materials and come in natural colors.

Consider paring the farmhouse sink and natural-looking countertops with custom kitchen cabinetry. Depending on your color preferences, you may want to go with a maple, hickory, oak, alder or cherry finish. Arch and cathedral style doors along with strategically placed corbels, accents and mouldings would look good in a farmhouse kitchen too.

To continue discussing this and other kitchen remodeling ideas, please contact us at (323) 936-3457. At Bradco Kitchens and Baths, we have all of the resources needed to make your ideal farmhouse kitchen a reality. In addition, we’ll work within your budget and include job-site delivery services whenever possible.

Kitchen Trends That Stand the Test of Time

Trying to keep up with every trend that comes your way is going to make you bonkers.  Instead stick with trends that will last after the current one plays out.  There are plenty to choose from.  There are designs, materials, textures, tables, storage space and cabinets los angeles offers in their stores, so what are you waiting for?  Show off your personality and stay a step ahead with these timeless trends.

Home-style Kitchens

The kitchen is so luxurious that it turns into its own home.  It makes the rest of the home dull in comparison.  Kitchen trends are leaning toward making the kitchen blend in with the home instead of standing out.  Changing the kitchen into furniture or cabinet-like will assist in blending.  Furniture kitchens have furniture like pieces in the kitchen.  Ottomans, chairs and coffee tables work well to make the kitchen and the rest of the home come together.  Turning kitchen appliances into cabinet-like pieces is so creative and functional. It hides kitchen appliances (for blending in) while being innovative (standing out) at the same time.  The kitchen will be the highlight not the appliances.

Storage Space

You can never have enough storage space.  That’s because you can never have or need too many items in the kitchen.  Storage space for future trends are going upward and in unusual spaces.  Stretch the cabinet upward and use the open space on top.  This increases cabinet size along with space.  Go as close to the ceiling as possible but don’t touch the ceiling.  Storage solutions add space in unusual places for more storage.  Slide out and pull out racks, drawers and baskets work well underneath sinks, in unused space and on kitchen islands.

Multifunctional Pieces

There are plenty of small kitchens around so there will always be a need for multifunctional pieces.  Also known as multipurpose these pieces have more than one purpose.  The main multifunctional kitchen piece is the kitchen island.  It can serve as whatever you want it to be: a dining table, sink, storage, prep area, pantry, a combination, or whatever else you see fit.  Large kitchens that easily run out of space can benefit from this too.

Stay in sync and never fall behind on kitchen design.  Contact us for more information.

Bathroom Trends to Consider for Your 2014 Los Angeles Design Build

To you, a bath is more than just a place to clean up and do your daily business. It’s where you can relax from the stresses of the world and get some quiet time away from the kids. The more time you spend in this sanctuary, then the more you want it to be a beautiful showplace. With the following trends, you can add that wow factor to your 2014 Los Angeles design build.

Bathrooms that Don’t Look like Bathrooms

If you perform other activities in the bath, then it makes sense to turn it into a decorated space in which you hang out. The easiest way to do this is to incorporate furniture you don’t normally expect in the space such as a comfortable armchair for lounging, an antique bookshelf filled with books and magazines, if you like to read, or masses of container plants to bring the outdoor in. Make sure that whatever you bring in there can stand up to the rigors of moisture, such as by putting a water-resistant slipcover on upholstered pieces.

Adding Wood and White

Wood adds texture, warmth and elegance, especially when richly finished in dark tones. But if it covers large surfaces, it can pull the light out of a room. You can balance the dark tones by using lots of white, which reflects light and brightens spaces. For example, consider stark white porcelain sinks resting on top of antique wooden sideboards or a framed mirrored resting on a white tile wall. Again, make sure any wood is properly sealed against moisture.

Frameless Showers

The problem with shower curtains and traditional shower doors is that they take up visual space and block light. This can make your bath look smaller than it is. Frameless shower doors are nearly invisible. This makes the shower a visual extension of the bath making the room look far bigger. These doors are specially effective for double-width showers.

If you want to incorporate any of these design trends in your bathroom remodel, please contact us.

Celebrate the New Year with Affordable New Cabinetry in Los Angeles, California

Why not start off the new year by looking into some brand new affordable kitchen cabinetry in Los Angeles, California? Maybe you have been mulling over the options of your current design for years now, but you are concerned that the cost may be too prohibitive. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Plenty of affordable options exist that can add a new touch of decorative delight to your home’s culinary quarters without breaking the bank.

The right cabinet installation contractor should be able to offer you several affordable options that will look great in your home. Just because you are operating within a budget, doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice quality, style, or choice. Your contractor should also be able to provide friendly and courteous assistance in making an affordable yet stylish selection. They should be accessible when you need them and they should be able to offer you helpful advice too.

Affordable cabinetry in the Los Angeles area is just a phone call away. “Bradco Kitchens and Baths” has a wide range of product lines that can help you. Choose from Aristokraft, Bertch, Deocra, Omega, Rock Glen, and more. There is even a special promotion right now that can help you make your choice a little easier. Now through February 21st, you can purchase a beautiful Omega kitchen from Bradco Kitchens and Baths and receive a full $500 off the price. For an idea of what an Omega kitchen looks like, click here. This is a tremendously attractive, both in terms of price and appearance.

At Bradco, we pride ourselves on not only providing great products, but also great service. We will be there to walk you through every step of the way to help you make the right choice. Please contact us today for more information. We would love to help you in your celebration of 2014 by selecting new and affordable cabinetry for your home.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Achieving the Transitional Kitchen Design

Aiming for a kitchen that can work with any style? The transitional kitchen is the solution for you. This is a style that works with any home decor and fits with any current kitchen trends. The good news is that you can start with your existing kitchen and work from there. This is great for anyone that doesn’t know exactly what they want and need a foundation to start from. If you prefer to start from scratch that works too.

Transitional kitchens are a mix of traditional and modern styles. The design borrows decor from each one resulting in a warm, inviting, classic and stylish kitchen upgrade. There are rules to get into the transitional kitchen vibe. This trend is hard to perfect and easy to mess up so pay close attention to the rules of this kitchen remodel ideas.

Transitional kitchens have a fusion of natural and manufactured materials. Traditional kitchens have wood, laminate, tile and glass materials while modern kitchens have steel, stone, granite and marble. Pick materials from both worlds to have a transitional result. It should feel harmonious, symmetric and complete.

Make the palette neutral. Wild colors in the kitchen isn’t welcome. A splash of color is welcome but don’t overdo it. Stick to black, white, beige and the hottest neutral color this year, gray. These colors may seem bland but with the right combination it does work. It’s the only acceptable colors that works for both modern and traditional styles.

Make up for the palette with texture. Transitional designs love texture so use that to bring personality into the kitchen. Decorative tile surfaces, unusual shapes on countertops and kitchen islands, and polished/rough feel on stone, granite, and marble are examples of using texture to your advantage. The goal is to add visual pop instead of adding wild and bold color.

Kitchen cabinets are as neutral as the rest of the kitchen. Cabinets are streamlined and standard in order to maintain the low profile transitional designs provide. Cabinets have the basic look down to the hardware but can stand out based on the material. Glass and wood definitely works in this design. Get all glass, all wood or a mix of the two. Lines are clean and straight to balance out the warm, inviting and uncluttered feel of the overall kitchen.

Make your kitchen remodel count. Bring the past and the future to the present when you choose the transitional style for your kitchen. We can assist with making the right choices for the perfect transitional kitchen. Contact us for more information on transitional kitchens and the latest kitchen trends.

Keep Calm and Carry On During A Kitchen Remodel

The excitement is building. Your kitchen remodel ideas are about to come to fruition. You checked the list twice, made negotiations on payment and signed off on everything. The demolition begins and suddenly you want to back out of the process. Brace yourself to push forward with tips that will keep you calm and focus on the horizon.

Avoid unnecessary stress and move your belongings out of the kitchen prior to demolition. Pack it all in boxes and move it to another place in the house. Good examples are the garage, basement, den and laundry room. That includes food as well as dishes, kitchen items and kitchen appliances. Label everything.

Choose another space in the house to serve as the kitchen (hence the examples). You’re going to need it during demolition and renovation. Look through all the boxes to see which items isn’t going back to the soon-to-be-finished kitchen. Forget the “rainy day” excuses and throw out anything you never used or don’t like. Make sure there’s an extra sink for clean up; the bathroom sink is the very, very last resort. Use this opportunity to cook meals in advance to heat in the microwave. Don’t be afraid to dine out during this time too.

Understand the step-by-step process. There is a schedule that contractors use and it’s important that you know what that schedule is. It will definitely give you an idea of what each step consists of and how long it will take for it to be completed. Knowledge is power. The more you know the better you will feel. Specific requests like time of day, what days to work and special events (graduation, family reunions, parties, etc) should be clear upfront before demolition.

Remain positive. Contractors will not be on your property forever. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Treat them with respect and remain positive. This will help the contractor do his or her job correctly and in the shortest amount of time. This will help you feel better because your investment will pay off. Your heart will thank you.

You read over and over about how to handle a remodeling project; there’s never been one to tell you how to handle yourself during the process. Homeowners are so concerned with their kitchen that nothing else matters. Their stress level says it all. Take time to take care of yourself and your belongings during this exciting and overwhelming period. You’ll have a brand new kitchen when it’s all said and done. Make sure you enjoy life so you can see it and use it for a very long time. Contact us for more information on kitchen remodeling.

Options to Standard Kitchen Remodel Ideas Well Worth Considering

When it comes to kitchen remodel ideas, the possibility of regretting not spending a little more is probably even greater than regretting too much expenditure. Whether your ideas for a kitchen remodel stop with cabinets or extend to introducing a fully functioning island, you should take the time to contemplate how you can take the renovation to the next step in an affordable fashion.


Kitchen remodel ideas that center around an upgrade in cabinets often overlook a number of options that can make the investment pay off greater than they otherwise would. When shopping for cabinets that are to become the focus of a remodeling job, take the time to consider some minor details that can make a major difference. Examples of worthwhile kitchen cabinet options range from doors of beveled glass to the installation of crown molding in the small space between the top of a cabinet and the ceiling to create a more elegant aesthetic. Add-on possibilities within the cabinet space itself include roll-out drawers, shelves mounted on the doors and built-in cutting boards.


Any kitchen remodel ideas that revolve around the introduction of an island present a wealth of possibilities for options that can take the renovation to the next level. If you’ve always wanted space for a wine rack and your current remodeling plans just don’t have the room for such extravagance, you may be overlooking the added space afforded by the island. Kitchen islands genuinely expand the universe of remodeling ideas by offering up the potential to add a wealth of options you may have prematurely discarded. Among the remodel possibilities that can be attached to a kitchen island: an indoor grill, customized drawers for storing those “difficult” items, a slide-out spice rack or even something as offbeat as a station for feeding your pets.


The introduction of a fancy new sink is a common element of many different kinds of kitchen remodel ideas, but also an element that frequently doesn’t make enough room for complete flights of fancy. The addition of a sink to a remodeling plan for any kitchen that is exposed to a less than ideal water supply could certainly benefit from the option of a filtering system. Other options to consider are going with a double-basin sink rather than a single basin or even a sink with a small, shallow third basin that is used exclusively for preparing meals rather than washing up afterwards. An oversized pull-out sprayer, ornamental faucets and decorative tiled backsplashes are all options you may regret not including after the remodel has concluded.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about how to make your own kitchen remodel ideas become a reality.

Tips to Remodel a Small Kitchen with a Small Budget

The worst personality a kitchen can have is one described with a cramped, dark, and cluttered atmosphere. But if you have a small kitchen, you can still have a cozy feeling space without expanding or spending a lot of money. A small kitchen remodel is possible with a small budget, with these tips in mind.

1. Downsize

One of the first steps to making your kitchen bigger is to remove elements, not add them. This could be as simple as storing bulkier and seasonal kitchen items in a cabinet or closet outside of the kitchen, freeing up space for daily use items and reducing clutter.

If your budget also includes upgrading appliances, look for appliances that are in scale with your kitchen’s space. For really tiny kitchens, downgrading to a smaller refrigerator or “pint-sized” stove and range can allow you to add more countertop space or cabinets. If more space is especially your priority for your kitchen renovation, consider these options.

2. Repaint in Light Colors

Light walls allow light to bounce around your kitchen, making it seem brighter and bigger. Repainting the walls in your kitchen is an easy way to give it a makeover without spending a lot of money. White and off-white color schemes are popular in current kitchen design trends, allowing you to add whatever accent colors you would like in the form of woods, appliances, or other items.

3. Add Cabinet Space

Getting custom cabinets can be worth the cost, especially with companies like Bradco Kitchens and Baths, which provides custom cabinets at an affordable price. Installing the right, custom-fit cabinets help make your smaller kitchen expand in space, which can give your kitchen a bigger, more organized look. To match light-colored walls, lean towards choosing light colored woods to give a spacious feel.

For other small wall spaces, add minimal open shelving to also increase storage space. You can save even more shelving and cabinet space by hanging pots and pans on walls, integrating your cookware with design.

4. Use Trays and Baskets

If you want to reorganize small but cluttering items, like teas or spices, use trays. Trays and baskets can add warmth to the kitchen, while also keeping items arranged neatly on a countertop and save counter space. The different tones of wicker baskets or trays can add great, darker accents to the bright kitchen, drawing in great design.

5. Make the Small Things Count

Subtle changes to your kitchen will give your kitchen a new look in a very short amount of time. For example, upgrading the faucet, changing the shade or curtain of the kitchen window with a bright color, adding an accent rug, or changing cabinet hardware are all simple ways of making your small kitchen look newer and brighter.Those small changes add up, creating a completely different atmosphere and look without spending a lot.

Remodeling your small kitchen can be quick, easy, and cost effective. To get started on recreating your kitchen, contact us for help and advice.

Green Cabinetry, Solar and California’s Desert Eco-System: Living in Harmony

If you are currently living in Los Angeles County, there is a good chance that you may have heard someone mention the acronym, DRECP within the last month or two. It is frequently used by those in the media to quickly identify what’s known as the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan.

For those that may not be aware of the plan, it is an essential component of our state’s push towards increasing the use of solar power and other clean energy initiatives. The group of people and agencies behind the plan are currently focusing their efforts on making sure that the state’s initiatives will not disrupt our planet’s desert eco-systems. In the process, they are looking at such factors as the presence of indigenous, wildlife and vegetation. This includes creatures like the desert tortoise, flat-tailed horned lizard, bighorn sheep and the Mohave ground squirrel. All four are creatures found in our state’s desert eco-system.

As one of California’s premier manufacturers of custom built green cabinetry, we personally applaud those that seek to protect and improve the environment. After all, one of the green cabinetry industry’s overriding goals is to help make our planet’s environment healthier for every living being, not just humans. That’s also why we sought out Forest Conservation Program Certification for our products and joined the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition to using green manufacturing methods, we specialize in coming up with complete, eco-friendly kitchen and bath designs. So together we can feel good about doing our part to preserve the natural environment for future generations.

Of course our green cabinetry and designs are more than just environmentally focused. They are also innovative. Just check out the recognition that we received for our Slide N Hide countertop in 2012. It helped us earn the highly coveted title of Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year Honoree.

That is just a peek at what we here at Bradco Kitchens and Baths pride ourselves on. Would you like to learn more about our green initiatives and their positive influence on the environment? If so, please contact us at (323) 936-3457.