Toilets and Bidets

At Bradco we strive to offer the best toilets and bidets available on the market. Our customers enjoy the best selection from top of the line manufacturers around the world.   To support the sales and servicing of our toilets and bidets, our staff is fully trained and well versed to recommend the best suited products to individualize your buying experience.At our showroom, you can see some of our toilets and bidets displayed to give you a realistic idea of the look and feel of each option.  Long gone are the days of boring, standard latrines.  Bradco offers a wide variety of smart solutions for toilets such as tank less, bidets, and dual flush.  Whether you’re looking to update your home with new toilets, or looking to include bidets into a bathroom remodel, Bradco Kitchens and Baths has the right toilets and bidets for you!