Countertops by Bradco

Besides cabinets, nothing helps a kitchen or bathroom come to life more than stunning countertops that make a statement.  At Bradco we strive to offer an impressive selection of countertops that come in all different styles, colors, and textures. Our customers enjoy the best selection of countertops from top of the line suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world. To support the sales and servicing of our products, our staff is fully trained and well versed to recommend the best suited products to individualize your buying experience.At our showroom, you can see all of our countertops displayed in many different applications to give you a realistic idea of the look and feel of each option.  Whether you’re looking to update your home with new countertops or creating the outdoor living space of your dreams, Bradco Kitchens and Baths has the right countertops for you!The products we sell reflect our commitment to the environment.  Bradco is proud to be a leading pioneer within the green building industry, which is why we offer a variety of recycled countertops, which means that our designers will work with you to ensure products are chosen to fit your lifestyle.We take great pride in the quality and selection of our countertops so come visit our Los Angeles showroom and take the first step toward making your dream home a reality.

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