Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Why Not Go with Farmland Fabulous?

Do you long for the days when farmhouses were more prevalent that prefab homes and condos? If so, why not work on creating your own version of farmland fabulous? Not only is it romantic and functional, it also happens to be one of the hottest kitchen remodel ideas of 2014.

If you do decide to go with the trend, a Moda farmhouse sink is one item worth investing in. They are made with stylish materials like cement and fireclay. You can also find them in various sizes, finishes and styles. One example is the Moda Farmhouse 730. It comes in a white finish and features a combination of fluted and smooth sides.

Any one of the Moda farmhouse sinks could easily be paired with a multitude of country chic items, including EuroStone’s wood butcher block counters. Made from luxurious hardwoods, they come in a variety of beautiful finishes. In addition, they tend to develop great character over time.

Other countertop materials that would work well in a farmhouse kitchen are close to maintenance-free Caesarstone quartz, Corian® and Eco. The Eco countertops are exceptionally popular with environmentally conscience consumers. That’s because the kitchen counters are created with recyclable, sustainable materials and come in natural colors.

Consider paring the farmhouse sink and natural-looking countertops with custom kitchen cabinetry. Depending on your color preferences, you may want to go with a maple, hickory, oak, alder or cherry finish. Arch and cathedral style doors along with strategically placed corbels, accents and mouldings would look good in a farmhouse kitchen too.

To continue discussing this and other kitchen remodeling ideas, please contact us at (323) 936-3457. At Bradco Kitchens and Baths, we have all of the resources needed to make your ideal farmhouse kitchen a reality. In addition, we’ll work within your budget and include job-site delivery services whenever possible.

Elodie Gerard

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I am so happy I walked in Bradco Kitchens and Baths showroom 6 months ago!
I moved in LA with my husband 2 years ago and we decided to get our own property.
We bought a very cute house not too far from Pico and Fairfax where Bradco’s showroom is, but the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, definitely needed to be remodeled.
Margaret, one of the designers, helped me right after I first visited their showroom. She was very professional, she understood right away our tastes and what we were looking for: something modern, but nothing too much, and the kitchen needed to be very convenient for cooking as we cook a lot.
A few days after she came to our place, started to take measurements. As we needed custom cabinets, because the shape of our kitchen is very different from what we can see usually, Bradco’s own factory created the cabinets. I so loved their work. The craftsmen are very professional, precise, and I could not be happier. The lead time was respected for everything, Margaret always took or returned my calls and it was always a pleasure to speak with her, she is a very sweet person, as well as very professional.
She also helped me with the appliances I needed, and once more, she understood right away what I was looking for.
The construction team also did a great job! Everything got installed in time.

Kitchen Trends That Stand the Test of Time

Trying to keep up with every trend that comes your way is going to make you bonkers.  Instead stick with trends that will last after the current one plays out.  There are plenty to choose from.  There are designs, materials, textures, tables, storage space and cabinets los angeles offers in their stores, so what are you waiting for?  Show off your personality and stay a step ahead with these timeless trends.

Home-style Kitchens

The kitchen is so luxurious that it turns into its own home.  It makes the rest of the home dull in comparison.  Kitchen trends are leaning toward making the kitchen blend in with the home instead of standing out.  Changing the kitchen into furniture or cabinet-like will assist in blending.  Furniture kitchens have furniture like pieces in the kitchen.  Ottomans, chairs and coffee tables work well to make the kitchen and the rest of the home come together.  Turning kitchen appliances into cabinet-like pieces is so creative and functional. It hides kitchen appliances (for blending in) while being innovative (standing out) at the same time.  The kitchen will be the highlight not the appliances.

Storage Space

You can never have enough storage space.  That’s because you can never have or need too many items in the kitchen.  Storage space for future trends are going upward and in unusual spaces.  Stretch the cabinet upward and use the open space on top.  This increases cabinet size along with space.  Go as close to the ceiling as possible but don’t touch the ceiling.  Storage solutions add space in unusual places for more storage.  Slide out and pull out racks, drawers and baskets work well underneath sinks, in unused space and on kitchen islands.

Multifunctional Pieces

There are plenty of small kitchens around so there will always be a need for multifunctional pieces.  Also known as multipurpose these pieces have more than one purpose.  The main multifunctional kitchen piece is the kitchen island.  It can serve as whatever you want it to be: a dining table, sink, storage, prep area, pantry, a combination, or whatever else you see fit.  Large kitchens that easily run out of space can benefit from this too.

Stay in sync and never fall behind on kitchen design.  Contact us for more information.

Bathroom Trends to Consider for Your 2014 Los Angeles Design Build

To you, a bath is more than just a place to clean up and do your daily business. It’s where you can relax from the stresses of the world and get some quiet time away from the kids. The more time you spend in this sanctuary, then the more you want it to be a beautiful showplace. With the following trends, you can add that wow factor to your 2014 Los Angeles design build.

Bathrooms that Don’t Look like Bathrooms

If you perform other activities in the bath, then it makes sense to turn it into a decorated space in which you hang out. The easiest way to do this is to incorporate furniture you don’t normally expect in the space such as a comfortable armchair for lounging, an antique bookshelf filled with books and magazines, if you like to read, or masses of container plants to bring the outdoor in. Make sure that whatever you bring in there can stand up to the rigors of moisture, such as by putting a water-resistant slipcover on upholstered pieces.

Adding Wood and White

Wood adds texture, warmth and elegance, especially when richly finished in dark tones. But if it covers large surfaces, it can pull the light out of a room. You can balance the dark tones by using lots of white, which reflects light and brightens spaces. For example, consider stark white porcelain sinks resting on top of antique wooden sideboards or a framed mirrored resting on a white tile wall. Again, make sure any wood is properly sealed against moisture.

Frameless Showers

The problem with shower curtains and traditional shower doors is that they take up visual space and block light. This can make your bath look smaller than it is. Frameless shower doors are nearly invisible. This makes the shower a visual extension of the bath making the room look far bigger. These doors are specially effective for double-width showers.

If you want to incorporate any of these design trends in your bathroom remodel, please contact us.

Celebrate the New Year with Affordable New Cabinetry in Los Angeles, California

Why not start off the new year by looking into some brand new affordable kitchen cabinetry in Los Angeles, California? Maybe you have been mulling over the options of your current design for years now, but you are concerned that the cost may be too prohibitive. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Plenty of affordable options exist that can add a new touch of decorative delight to your home’s culinary quarters without breaking the bank.

The right cabinet installation contractor should be able to offer you several affordable options that will look great in your home. Just because you are operating within a budget, doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice quality, style, or choice. Your contractor should also be able to provide friendly and courteous assistance in making an affordable yet stylish selection. They should be accessible when you need them and they should be able to offer you helpful advice too.

Affordable cabinetry in the Los Angeles area is just a phone call away. “Bradco Kitchens and Baths” has a wide range of product lines that can help you. Choose from Aristokraft, Bertch, Deocra, Omega, Rock Glen, and more. There is even a special promotion right now that can help you make your choice a little easier. Now through February 21st, you can purchase a beautiful Omega kitchen from Bradco Kitchens and Baths and receive a full $500 off the price. For an idea of what an Omega kitchen looks like, click here. This is a tremendously attractive, both in terms of price and appearance.

At Bradco, we pride ourselves on not only providing great products, but also great service. We will be there to walk you through every step of the way to help you make the right choice. Please contact us today for more information. We would love to help you in your celebration of 2014 by selecting new and affordable cabinetry for your home.

Wolf Cordin

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We recently had to redo our outdated kitchen, of course we started to shop around. From the upscale Robertson showrooms to Home depot and the likes we visited them all. One of our visits was to Bradco Kitchens and Baths on Pico Blvd. We strolled around the showroom and were impressed by the variety of cabinetry they offered. the nice thing was that the sales staff gives you time to browse and we felt no pressure. We talked to one of their designers and got most of the explanations we needed about their policies and the process of buying cabinetry from them. We made another appointment with the designer that took care of us and came back for a formal design appointment. The fist design session took about one hour, we were presented with a preliminary price and we felt comfortable enough to have them come out to the house to take the measurements. we spend a couple more hours at the Bradco showroom and finalized the design. Margaret, our designer was a young and extremely knowledgeable lady with lots of great space saving idea. They do ask for a nonrefundable deposit once you agreed to work with them. We really feel we got all we were promised and what we asked for. We were very happy with the service and the product they delivered and thought it is just fair that we let everybody know.

John Hopf

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So here you have it, I am a real shopper. When we decided to do our kitchen we wanted to find someone who took care of the project from beginning to end. We first spoke to some general contractors and where not that impressed. At first they all come up with a reasonable price but when we researched the cabinet product that had such an attractive price we found that the quality was far below our expectations. When I heard about the Bradco cabinet company I thought I give it a try. I made an appointment at the Bradco Showroom on Pico Blvd and the process was as good as it gets. They supplied me with custom cabinetry at the fraction of the price other people quoted and of much better quality. We also used their in-house contractor B and R Construction and they worked with me and our Bradco designer hand in hand. Our kitchen is beautiful and we enjoy using all the great features every day. Thank you guys you where great, keep it up there are too few of you around.