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Green Cabinetry, Solar and California’s Desert Eco-System: Living in Harmony

If you are currently living in Los Angeles County, there is a good chance that you may have heard someone mention the acronym, DRECP within the last month or two. It is frequently used by those in the media to quickly identify what’s known as the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan.

For those that may not be aware of the plan, it is an essential component of our state’s push towards increasing the use of solar power and other clean energy initiatives. The group of people and agencies behind the plan are currently focusing their efforts on making sure that the state’s initiatives will not disrupt our planet’s desert eco-systems. In the process, they are looking at such factors as the presence of indigenous, wildlife and vegetation. This includes creatures like the desert tortoise, flat-tailed horned lizard, bighorn sheep and the Mohave ground squirrel. All four are creatures found in our state’s desert eco-system.

As one of California’s premier manufacturers of custom built green cabinetry, we personally applaud those that seek to protect and improve the environment. After all, one of the green cabinetry industry’s overriding goals is to help make our planet’s environment healthier for every living being, not just humans. That’s also why we sought out Forest Conservation Program Certification for our products and joined the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition to using green manufacturing methods, we specialize in coming up with complete, eco-friendly kitchen and bath designs. So together we can feel good about doing our part to preserve the natural environment for future generations.

Of course our green cabinetry and designs are more than just environmentally focused. They are also innovative. Just check out the recognition that we received for our Slide N Hide countertop in 2012. It helped us earn the highly coveted title of Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year Honoree.

That is just a peek at what we here at Bradco Kitchens and Baths pride ourselves on. Would you like to learn more about our green initiatives and their positive influence on the environment? If so, please contact us at (323) 936-3457.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Kitchen Cabinets

There comes a time where kitchens and bathrooms need a spark to bring new life into the room.  The simplest way to do that is to work with the cabinets.  It’s amazing how changing the cabinets changes the way the kitchen looks.  It’s one of the time-saving, convenient and inexpensive makeovers in home remodeling.  Before choosing any cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom ask these questions.

What don’t you like about your cabinets?

There has to be a reason why you don’t like your cabinets besides “I just don’t.”  If you can name them on one hand, you have enough reasons to write them down.  Looking at it on paper is better than saying it out loud because it’s more permanent.  See if those reasons are good enough to get new cabinets or get a makeover on the current ones.  Think about memories when you wished something was different.

Do you want cabinets?

For many people the answer is “yes.” but the ones that say no is open to open shelving.  Open shelving is shelves without doors.  It’s a great way to see what you have and organize it to look luxurious.  Go for open shelving for kitchens and bathrooms that don’t have a lot of items to stuff in cabinets.  Cramming too much into open shelves makes the space cluttered and junky.  If you have too much to stuff into shelves cabinets is the best solution.

What do you want to do with your cabinets?

There are different ways to handle this.  One is to reface cabinets.  Refacing is using the current cabinets and giving it a makeover.  You can either use a veneer and paint over it or paint on top of existing cabinets without a veneer.  It depends on the current condition of the cabinet.  Another idea is to get brand new cabinets.  There’s a variety of cabinets available in many styles and designs using different types of wood.  We offer the latest brands of cabinets so there is one just made for your kitchen.  If there isn’t making it yours by getting one custom made.

Do I want environmentally-friendly cabinets?

People who are passionate about going green are going to add Green Cabinetry.  They are safe for the environment and made from natural or recycled products.  You won’t have to sacrifice beauty for the environment as many cabinets are just as beautiful and functional as the rest of them.

What is the current style of my kitchen or bathroom?

Take a look at the kitchen.  What style does it represent?  The cabinets will play a role in your kitchen decor because it can blend in or change the way the kitchen looks.  Be sure to add your personality and interest in your decision.  The kitchen and bathrooms are vital to the overall look and feel of the home.

You have so many options with kitchen cabinets.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.  Look at photos online, in magazines and through our website for inspiration.  Contact us for more information on kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Aren’t Complete Without The Right Hardware

Custom kitchen cabinets aren’t complete without the hardware. Knobs, pulls and handles are small pieces of kitchen accessory that pulls the look together. While its function is to open and close cabinet doors and drawers, it also adds style to any kitchen. Each piece of hardware does something to the cabinet that the others don’t. That’s why there’s a lot of variety.

Choose from custom-made hardware or one from a lineup of pre-made designs. Choices range from the contemporary hardware with straight lines and simple designs to the bold and flashy hardware that makes more of a statement than the rest of the kitchen. There are different types of knobs, pulls and handles to look over. Circular knobs, triangular knobs, square knobs, ring pulls, pendant pulls, drop pulls, cup pulls and handle bars are available with designs as far as your imagination can go. Be bold and go for curvy, long, wide, short, heart-shaped and diamond-shaped knobs, handles and pulls. The one you choose will define how the kitchen looks.

Before committing to one piece of kitchen hardware, consider the following:

o Grip size: When you grip the handle, knob or pull, does it feel good to the fingers? The space between the hardware and the material must be comfortable enough to open and close with ease. Family members with large hands should pay careful attention to this.

o Distance: The distance between the hardware attachment point and the edge matters. It should be installed in the place where you can reach the handle/knob/pull and not mess up the design. It’s a good idea to test where the knob will go first before installation.

o Versatile design: To avoid changing hardware, find something versatile. Regardless of how many times you change your kitchen these knobs will blend in with any decor.

o Mix-and-match: Pick two types of hardware. Mix and match designs to create a look that’s completely your own.

o Professional finish: Unless you’re changing one set of hardware for another, let a professional install the hardware. The last thing you want your custom cabinet to have is a bunch of holes. These come from mistakes, or where you thought you wanted the hardware to end up.
These small accessories truly set the bar high for kitchens. It brings a unique finish to any kitchen design and transforms the way you view the space. The end result is going to be extraordinary. For more information on kitchen cabinet hardware, contact us.