The Latest Trends in Los Angeles Kitchen Cabinets

It’s no wonder that remodeling, renovating and decorating kitchen space is so popular. The kitchen is a part of the home many people take notice. It’s a place to bring people together to chat and relax. Kitchens must remain top of the line because that is one of two areas in the home that is used the most (the other is the bathroom). The latest trends should spark ideas as to making your kitchen beautiful, functional and comforting. Take notice of what to do with Los Angeles kitchen cabinets.

Rift-Sawn White Oak Cabinets

The appeal of white oak cabinets is visually appealing. Add the “rift-sawn” element and you got a cabinet that is aesthetic and practical. Rift-sawn white oak is a stable board with a distinctive grain in the wood. It takes light or neutral stains very well thanks to the durable, tight, straight, shrink-resistant and warp-resistant wood. Blend this with the other decor and the results are extraordinary. It brings a contemporary feel: sleek and modern lines with few designs. It almost looks futuristic yet maintains its natural luster. The look makes the kitchen warm, open and inviting despite the white look.

White Rustic

Cabinets with the rustic look aren’t losing its charm. The trend now is making white oak cabinets wire-brushed or limed. The result is a blended concept of white rustic. It’s brings an old charm to the kitchen. It looks historic and authentic while giving off a contemporary feel. It’s supposed to look like it’s aging with a two-tone and two-textured finish. The cool finish isn’t supposed to go as far as looking ratty and worn down, but if you can pull off that look in the kitchen, the finish is astonishing.
Furniture Cabinets

It’s a broad trend because of the options, but furniture cabinets are in high demand. Choose to have cabinets with furniture details, kitchen islands that act as a table, or freestanding pieces. An example is to use an armoire to store kitchen utensils, silverware, tablecloths, table runners and kitchen gadgets. Choose to add kitchen cabinets that pass for furniture. No one will know that it’s a kitchen until it’s opened. Choose to blend the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and appliances into the same furniture decor if you like for a pleasing finish. It brings the feel of the living room into the kitchen area.

Overall the trends have something in common: the understatement look. Making a statement is yearning to be center of attention or craving a grand entrance. Making an understatement is the opposite. These patterns wish to blend in with the current pattern for a bright and uncluttered finish. Fancy designs or cutouts wear out over time but looks like these will last longer. Contact us for more information on kitchen cabinets.

Invest in your Home and the Planet with Green Cabinetry

Angelinos have a reputation for environmental consciousness – and for good reason. With a home this beautiful, who wouldn’t want to take care of it? So when you’re thinking of remodeling, take care of your home with by investing in Bradco green cabinetry.

Consider some of these great reasons Bradco custom cabinets can both make the kitchen of your dreams and reduce your environmental impact:

Sustainable Sourcing: Our custom kitchen cabinets are all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council built from sustainably sourced woods. By sourcing our materials from these environmentally conscious suppliers, we ensure that natural habitats are preserved and several trees are planted to replace each one used for lumber.

Local Construction: By building our cabinets in our plant near LA, we cut down on the increased costs and emissions that would’ve been incurred in long-haul shipping.

Low-Energy Production and Recycling: Our artisans handcraft our custom cabinets, minimizing machine use and further lowering our plant’s emissions. Not only does this process use less energy, no harmful chemicals – such as formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds are used in the construction of your cabinets. Lastly, all by-products of manufacturing are responsibly recycled or composted.

Whether you’re planning a new kitchen or a new bathroom, Bradco’s green custom cabinets are made with beauty, functionality, and environmental impact in mind. With the help of our professional design consultants, you can be sure your new kitchen will be nothing short of perfect. Contact us today to get started on your new remodeling project.

Improve the Look and Value of Your Los Angeles Home With Custom Cabinets

When the time comes to remodel your home, don’t forget about the cabinets. You see them, use them, and brush past them every day, yet sadly their importance is often overlooked. Cabinets can be anything from purely functional storage areas to attractively designed features that add to and complete your decor. If you are remodeling your home and are considering custom cabinets in Los Angeles, Bradco Kitchens and Baths can help you to add beauty and value to your project.

Custom cabinets from Bradco are individually tailored to match the style of your home. You can have your personal preferences and creative features built right into them. Your cabinets can contain a wine cooler, sink space, hidden doors, and any other elements you may desire. Our cabinets are individually crafted to fit your home. Instead of being made in standard dimensions, your cabinets can be built to fit into tight spaces and odd dimensions.

Cabinets can be built to fill in spaces that would otherwise be unused, creating an attractive overall design cohesiveness. Custom craftsmanship and hand finishing creates superior quality cabinets to ensure long lasting utility and appeal. Professionally designed custom remodels are an important investment that carries a high return and added appeal.

Stock cabinets are mass produced to fit into standard sized and shaped areas. They usually have a rather ordinary look and are perceived to be of lower quality and workmanship than custom cabinets. When it comes time to sell your house, stock cabinets will do little to contribute to its resale value.
Cabinets designed specially with your preferences and home’s style in mind are unique. They will not be seen anywhere else, so they have more visual impact and create a lasting impression. This alone will make your house stand out in the crowd and add to its value and unique appeal. While other houses may have equally functional and efficient storage areas, yours will be the one that catches the eye and receives the compliments.

At Bradco Kitchens and Baths, we have professional designers on staff to help you design cabinets that will fit both your style and budget. You can view your new cabinet designs in 3-D before you decide whether to buy them. We manufacture environmentally friendly cabinets in our own facility to ensure quality and workmanship. Contact us to talk to a designer, take a look at what we have to offer, and get started designing your new cabinets.