Los Angeles Bath Designer Creates Your Oasis

The recent challenges in the real estate market have forced many homeowners to reevaluate their relationships with their current homes; rather than selling houses that their families and lifestyles have outgrown, many are instead choosing to remodel, transforming their current homes into their dream homes.

One of the most popular rooms that homeowners choose to remodel is the bathroom. Today’s homeowner prefers a spa-like oasis in which to decompress from the day’s stresses. In order to achieve the relaxing atmosphere you desire from your remodel, you should rely on the expertise of a Los Angeles bath designer.

As the homeowner, you have a definite vision for your new bathroom. You may even know precisely what you want for most aspects, but you may not realize the feasibility of what you desire in relation to the space with which you have to work. Is it possible to bump you master bath out over the garage? Will a jetted tub and a large shower stall fit on the north wall? Are alder cabinets conducive to the humid environment? Are there benefits of Silestone over granite? Making informed decisions for each of these considerations will make your new bathroom the retreat you desire, but it will also guarantee that you are not spending your money unnecessarily.

While your home is your family’s sanctuary, it is also your biggest investment. Wise homeowners realize that changes should not be made unless they will yield a healthy return on the investment. A well-crafted bathroom remodel can reap a 62% return. That is a sizable increase in the value of your home, if the new bathroom boasts the amenities that most home buyers desire.

To make the right decisions for your budget, your lifestyle, and your unique space, you should rely on the expertise that comes with those who professionally design and remodel bathrooms. After all, when a bathroom remodel is done well, you will gain the bathroom you desire without breaking the bank or jeopardizing your investment. Please contact us today to design your bathroom oasis on your budget.

affordable kitchen and bath cabinetry of Los Angeles

Your kitchen needs a makeover but where to start? The process of selecting cabinets from the big box stores can be both overwhelming and disappointing. The decision to invest in your kitchen is one of the more important upgrades to your home, one you will live with for a long time. Why leave it up to a sales clerk with limited knowledge and the big box guy, one size fits all, inventory. Find an alternative to these generic options with a family company that offers brand name and custom kitchen and bath cabinets. The choice for affordable kitchen and bath cabinetry in Los Angeles is Bradco Kitchens and Baths.


  • Both brand name and custom cabinetry
  • Their custom cabinets are manufactured at their own facility
  • Family run business with a commitment to personalized service
  • Custom cabinets are unique and affordable
  • Yes, affordable

Beautiful cabinets and custom kitchen cabinets are a great selling point but what you as a customer will be most happy with is the one on one service provided. Not everyone can envision the end product, that exact kitchen layout or custom cabinetry that is right for you. This is where the personalized service of Bradco’s kitchen professionals kicks in. We wont have a truck dump a load of boxes in your living room and wish you good luck. Instead we will go over your specific ideas, needs, wants, until you are confident that your new kitchen will be transformed to your satisfaction and delight.

Kitchen cabinetry may be the star of your home but tasteful cabinetry in the bath will be just as stunning. You spend more time in the bath than you might think, why not relax in a hot tub and admire your good choices. Custom cabinets, tile choices, pedestal sinks, vanities, the bath makeover is full of decisions. Have an expert bath designer transform your bath to the last detail.

Your new kitchen or bath is just around the corner. Choose a company that provides personalized service. Choose a company that provides custom kitchen and bath cabinets manufactured in their own facility at an affordable price. Choose a company that has the expertise and skilled  designers. Choose a company that will make your friends wonder how you could imagine such a beautiful kitchen or bath.

contact us  and make the smart choice for affordable kitchen and bath cabinetry.


Chyniere Obasi

As seen on Angie’s List…

They did a commercial project for me for a hospital. They did a design, layout, and painting of the walls and floors. They painted designs and walls to brighten the spaces.

They did a great job. It was great working with them.

Liese Gardner

As seen on Angie’s List…

They did custom tile work.

The service was fabulous. Everything was great. I was very happy with service and I would refer them to anyone.

Ann Bradish

As seen on Angie’s List…

They remodeled a bathroom.

The service was very good. They were very professional. I have had other work done in my condo. I then realized that their prices were a little higher but it turned out beautifully.

Pamela Leone

As seen on Houzz…

Over the course of the last dozen years I’ve visited and purchased from most of the kitchen and bath showrooms in the Los Angeles area in search of products for my interior design business.

Bradco, hands down, has the best cabinet options in town for residential or small business remodels. With several top manufactured brands and their own factory, they can make any casework I design. It’s the perfect blend of local cabinet maker custom flexibility and big factory quality and finishes.

Their philosophy is really open to being innovative and I love that they’re really excited about good design!

Michael S

As seen on Yelp…

I worked with Bradco to design and install a custom modern kitchen in my home, and the results were stunning.

I originally wanted to go with a high-end European manufacture from Italy or Germany, but I didn’t want to wait for the kitchen to be sent to the United States (usually takes at least 3 months after they manufacture the kitchen) and there were restrictions on the customization of the kitchen.

But since Bradco has expertise in the design, manufacture, and installation, they were able to complete the job seamlessly and relatively quickly for what I was asking for.

I worked directly with Angela to design the kitchen, and at times involved Michael (the owner) for some of my more unusual requests, who appeared genuinely interested in helping me achieve what I wanted.  My island countertop is actually on rollers and moves to create a table, which took a great deal of research and engineering to get it right, so I appreciate the extra effort it took for them to get the job done.

Beyond being great people, they do quality work and they were straightforward and honest, so I couldn’t ask for more from a company.   I do not hesitate to recommend them for your kitchen or bath project.


As seen on Houzz…

Love Bradco Kitchens and love my new kitchen. At first I had no idea where to start with my new kitichen so I went to all the big box stores first and while the customer service there is okay, the designs they gave me were so cookie cutter, there was no customization and the salesperson was unwilling to think outside the (big) box. Finally my search led me to Bradco. After having been to so many other places I was overwhelmed and confused by all the options and choices out there. Our designer Angela took us by the hand from the first minute and guided us along every step of the way. We had a set budget and she was great at recommending the things that we could afford to take out and never miss and also recommended things that I now cannot live without. Hello, pull out pantry, waste basket recycling center, and a seperate pull out for dog food. Now my biggest problem is that I just can’t stop entertaining, so much fun with my new kitchen and love all the ooohs and aaaahs I get from guest. Thanks Bradco!




As seen on Houzz…

We had some work done by Bradco this past year. You hear terrible stories about having “work” done and the time, money and drama that goes along with it. I am quite pleased to say that none of that happened here. Our designer was wonderful and helped up with ideas we hadn’t thought of and once our little project got on way the construction staff were terrific. Polite and FINISHED on time! Our kitchen looks amazing. My daughter is happy to tell her friends our cabinets are “green” and my husband is happy that it didn’t break the bank. Everyone was a winner on this project. I am pleased to let everyone who comes over who did our kitchen and highly recommend Bradco to anyone looking to have their kitchen redone.

Craig Killam

As seen on Angie’s List…

They custom built the entire kitchen.

The service turned out very well. We designed the cabinets and they built them custom. They are very high quality cabinets. They are four years old. They look good and work good.