July 2012 – Robb Report

Creative Counters

July 25, 2012  – An industry leader in everything from cabinetry and tiles to appliances and faucets, Bradco Kitchens & Baths has unveiled an innovative, multipurpose countertop called Slide N Hide. When closed, the 9-foot-long countertop appears to be a standard kitchen island. However, when opened with a remote control, the top of the island slides to reveal a flat, electric stovetop underneath. Continue reading

Christy B

As seen on Yelp…

Hi! GREAT STORE, GREAT service!  It was closed when we got there and my friend REALLY needed some info on some specific cabinets and such, so the owner was nice enough to open the store for us, it had just closed SO they didn’t have to let us in, but they did. Michael who runs the place is nice and very informative! I recommend this place for all your custom kitchen and bathroom needs!!